About the project

BNS Arena is the new Blade & Soul game server.

Server Features:

- Responsive Administration
- RU and EN versions of the game site
- RU and EN versions of the game client
- Automatic registration
- Automatic donations (Yandex.Money, Qiwi, Bank cards, PayPal and many other payment methods)
- Professional server equipment in Moscow (which gives excellent ping and minimal delays for most players)
- Data Center and a dedicated Premium Class network (minimum number of network problems)
- The original assembly of the game Blade & Blade (which gives the minimum number of bugs in the game, correctly working skills, and so on)
- Base server rates: x1
- Anti-DDoS Protection

The BNS Arena server invites all players to participate in the Open Beta Testing and come to us to play with their friends.
The server will accept both Russian-speaking and English-speaking players, but is focused more on the RU-audience.

Come and play! We are waiting for you!

Private area

Registration required